Your testimony is critically important. It is your real life story of how Jesus has changed your life. You don’t need fantastic tales of miracles to touch someone’s life – the simple truth will do. You don’t need to know every answer to every question that may come up – the events of your own life are true in and of themselves.


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Sample Testimonies:

Debbie – Belt
I grew up in a Hutterite Colony and was taught that my way of life – communal living, clothing, religious practices, etc., were my salvation. Someone shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with my family, so we began to seek the truth of God’s Word. I, as well as my other family members, accepted Christ. As a result of our decision we were excommunicated and left the colony. When Christ saved me I was delivered from sin, self, and false securities. Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law and has become my all in all!

Darion – Great Falls
After receiving the Lord, at 13, I was on fire and eager to serve Him. I was a completely changed person. Then after about six months, I became addicted to pornography. It started when I saw an issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and got progressively worse over the course of five years. I decided to get clean at 18, kicked it at 19 and am now al-most a year clean. All praise be unto Jesus.

Kevin – Thompson Falls
In May 1979 I had a God encounter that changed my life forever. I was delivered from drugs and alcohol of 14 years by the power of the Holy Spirit. That night I got what I call God and got saved and filled Holy Spirit. Up to that point I had been high on every drug available (I told myself I would never do heroin, but I lied to myself while in the military I did that to). Like I said I had been high many times, but I had never been that high before. I prayed a very simple prayer: “if You are real, make Yourself real to me”, and He took me at my word and called me His own, I will try to keep it short but that isn’t always easy when I owe Him my very life. I should of died at least 4 maybe 5 times of drug overdose and numerous other times as well on motorcycles and cars, but God had a different plan for my life. I did have one thing going for me, I had parents and grandparents praying the Word over me (Isaiah 59:21) and they never gave up on loving me. Thank You Lord that You never gave up on me, and You loved me right where I was at. When I was lost and dying You loved for me. Where much has been forgiven, much love is and I know how much I have been forgiven, forever grateful and in His service

Rachel – Great Falls
I grew up in a Christian home and was raised in church. When I was nine years old I felt God tugging on my heart to give my life to Him. So after church I found the pastor on the porch of the church and asked him to pray with me. I was always a good little girl, but I know now that just being good won’t get me into heaven. I deserve to go to hell, but Christ saved me enough to reach down to a little girl and save me from eternal damnation. God has blessed me so much and I know that He will continue to bless me. I love Jesus so much, but only because He first loved me enough to die for me.