Douglas Miller is the former Director of Concert and Artist Activities for Steinway Pianos. In 2013 he purchased the Christian Business Directory in Missoula, MT and rebranded it the “Montana Christian Journal” The purpose is making ministry visible to the public; while promoting Biblical Christianity, and a Biblical Christian worldview. Douglas attends Dayspring Foursquare Church in Florence, Montana.

Managing Editor

Jesse Wanskasmith became a born-again Christian in 2012 and began working with the Journal in 2016. He believes his calling is to serve the Lord is through humble giving and respect of others. Jesse has seen how God can work in an environment surrounded by purposeful and obedient Christians seeking to do the Lord’s work and he continues to seek out those individuals willing and able to join.

Associate Editor

Gina Satterfield is a Christian who has an active voice in politics, family and religious rights. She owns her own small business, The Hairdresses, Inc. in Helena. She runs two successful Facebook campaigns Citizens for a Better Helena and Montana Education Deception. She is firm believer in homeschooling and religious freedom.

Associate Editor

The Montana Christian Journal was started sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s by a woman named Lita Christiansen. She began by publishing a small Christian Business Directory in Missoula, MT. After a few years she sold the Christian Business Directory to a businessman in Missoula, who ran it for three years out of his store.

While this was happening, Douglas Miller was working in Los Angeles as the Director of Concert and Artist Activities for Steinway Pianos. He moved to Scottsdale, AZ where they opened a new store in October 2005. But by 2008 the piano business took a 43 percent dive due to the economic conditions and they sold their inventory.

He took four years off in Cave Creek, AZ where God kept tugging at his heart to move to Montana. Much of this was due to careful attention to detail about the changes in our nation. Mr. Miller eventually heeded God’s call when he learned of a position open at the University in Missoula teaching Music Theory and composition from the Chair of the Piano Department at the University of Southern California.

Upon arriving in Missoula, Mr. Miller immediately began leading people to Christ by talking about current events, and applying them to Bible Prophecy. Soon after, Dave Larson, the former Executive Director of the now defunct Missoula Christian Network encouraged him to purchase the Christian Business Director with the purpose of turning it into a state-wide publication to unite the churches with a Biblical Christian World view (as opposed to the most popular Cultural Christian worldview that many churches now have been deceived into following).

Shortly afterward, he was given a theater building in Missoula, and networked with his home church, the Los Angeles Dream Center. Due to problems with the title of the building, they closed the Dream Center shortly afterward and moved the corporate offices to Great Falls, Mt.

Today the Montana Christian Journal is printing tens of thousands of copies that are distributed to thousands of businesses and hundreds of churches across the state of Montana. This success rate in only a matter of a few years (since February 2013) has created a phenomenal ministry reaching literally hundreds of thousands of readers each year.