The Mission

by Kevin Hammons

August 25, 2017

The Mission

  • To serve Christ by bringing His Word to our community.
  • To serve our readers by bringing them the events and opinions of the day but also solutions for the problems plaguing our community – all grounded in the Word.
  • To serve our advertisers by connecting them with readers who are interested in supporting friends of the Word.

The Creed

  • The Bible is the eternal, inerrant, and complete Word of God in written form.

Serve Christ

The service of Christ is the mission of all Christians, whether we always remember it or not. Being a written publication provides The Mountain a perfect opportunity to share God’s written Word with our communities, to fulfil the Great Commission, in a very real and tangible way, by joining our neighbors in their quiet moments and sharing with them the Gospel of Christ, or offering the tools to defend their own faith. Being a written publication also offers us the unique opportunity to develop a bit more depth than is often available to other excellent public outreach ministries such as Christian music radio stations.

Being a Christian publication isn’t just the occasional story we do or the blurb on the “Roman Road,” but it is the bedrock of every story and every point of view. There is no such thing as unbiased reporting. Every day, the ‘mainstream’ media peel off more of their mask. They blatantly blend opinion and fact in their news stories, often going so far as to invent ‘facts.’ The whole “hands up don’t shoot” theme that emerged from the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson three years ago, never even happened. The complete falsehood of the tale didn’t slow down the media nor the racist agitators for an instant when they latched onto this lie and used it to kick off three years of racial unrest that continues to this day.

Even institutions that try to put forward a fair face show bias in which stories they cover and which they do not. Everybody’s perspective colors everything they see around them. I’m not going to fall into the ‘fairness’ trap. At The Mountain, we will publish the truth as best as we can find it, and we will trust our readers to weigh our perspectives instead of pretending we’re something that we’re not.

Because interpretations of scripture vary within Christendom, we won’t punish our contributors’ different views. Doug Miller instituted a policy that will continue into this new chapter of The Mountain because it has served well. The policy is that if a contributor can demonstrate reasonable scriptural backing for their religious view, then that view is between them and God. God is so far beyond our limited capabilities that we are, in a very real sense, the proverbial blind men trying to describe an elephant (Is. 55:8-9, 1 Cor. 13:12), and it is not the job of The Mountain to censor our brothers and sisters who might have a new scriptural insight to share. Our readers are more than intelligent enough to search the scriptures for themselves to find out if such things are true. (Acts 17:11)

This is why I settled on the Bible as the creed for The Mountain. I thought about something nice and historic like the Nicene Creed, but as good as that is, it’s still a creation of men. It is the Bible against which we are all to measure truth. (2 Tim 3:15-16) Learn it, love it, live it. It is the Word of Life.

One of the major goals of this paper is to connect readers to solutions. Our world is filled with problems. Sometimes those problems are as simple as needing a new pair of pants, and connecting Christian consumers to Christian businesses helps to strengthen the whole family.

Often, though, the problems we face today are large, complex, and seemingly insurmountable. The search for solutions to these problems will consume a lot of space in The Mountain going forward. Sometimes the solutions seem small like a church opening its doors to evacuees without a place to go. The simple, every day solutions are often overlooked; but by sharing them and providing others the opportunity to connect and implement similar solutions in their own neighborhoods, we can magnify our efforts. Jesus beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven, not after some tremendous battle that he directed, but when he sent out the seventy-two disciples two by two to minister personally to their neighbors. (Luke 10:17-18)


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