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Montana Media Favors ‘Celebrate Islam Week’ over ‘Creation Conference’ 13 to 2 in New Study
St. Paul Lutheran Church Hosts ‘Celebrate Islam Week’ – In Nowhere Else Other Than Missoula
Governor Bullock accused of being ‘Sharia-Compliant’

By Jesse Wanskasmith
May 25, 2017

When the Lake Missoula Creation Conference came to Missoula, it was a big hit for the Christian community of Montana. The conference, an annual gathering of creation scientists and researchers started by Doug Miller in 2013, featured Ken Ham as this years keynote speaker. Interestingly, the Montana mainstream-media favored, in a welcoming tone, a much smaller interfaith-oriented organization called Standing Alongside America’s Muslims (SALAM), also in Missoula – 13 TO 2. The organization, operating with Emmaus Campus Ministries on the University of Montana in Missoula, organized the week-long event held at various locations in Missoula April 25-30.

SALAM’s founder, Laurie Franklin, a spiritual leader and student rabbi at Har Shalom in Missoula, told the Missoulian in a recent article, “What I’m hoping is that people will come with real questions and they’ll get some answers and also have a chance to interact with real, live people of the Islamic faith and not radicals who want to kill them or impose their version of Sharia law on other people.” SALAM has been hosting events in Missoula for some time, including a February rally at Caras Park, where Interfaith Pastor John Daniels at United First Methodist Church proudly proclaimed, “They [Muslims] know the better way, we [Interfaith] know the better way.” Another foolish comment that should expose these Pastors for their Islamic capitulation.

“The front-page headline in the Missoulian, April 12, announced “Celebrate Islam Week” in Missoula, April 25-30. It is alarming to see St. Paul Lutheran Church and Hellgate High School as sites for these one-sided presentations by a University of Montana professor. Have these hosts planned to have speakers who have the Islamic information that dispels Muslim as a peaceful and tolerant religion? Do they realize the Muslim plan for turning America into a Muslim caliphate?” – Mimi Milheim, Dayton, MT, Celebrate Islam Week: Will information be balanced? The Missoulian, April 19, 2016 (Celebrate Islam Week 2016 was also covered in the Missoulian).

The favoring is a clear indication that our society is facing a clear and distinct danger from the softening of Islam as part of the Interfaith agenda.

Readers who aren’t aware, the Missoula Independent ran the only other story on the conference, ‘Muddy the waters: Ken Ham, Greg Gianforte, and the creationist assault on science in Montana.’ The article, by Derek Brouwer, provided decent context to the creationism argument while mocking God on the front cover with Jesus riding a dinosaur in Lake Missoula – muddying the waters of evolution ‘science.’ “Creationists aren’t anti-science. They’re just offering alternative science,” said Brouwer.

Written to the secular Missoula audience, Brower’s points included Gianforte’s Bible-based beliefs and the connection he has with the Glendive Fossil and Dinosaur Museum. By challenging Gianforte’s softening of his opinion on the age of the Earth, Brouwer used the article to point out – if you think this creation stuff is crazy, so goes our next Congressman. Brouwer also brought up the debate between Bill Nye in 2014 where Nye was asked why he couldn’t be naked without a foundation of morals, although Brouwer missed that point.

“Mainstream Christians, Ham says, are losing the culture war because they focus on specific issues like abortion, gay marriage or bathroom access while compromising scriptural authority on foundational issues where the Bible collides with science. If the Bible’s creation story is wrong, then on what grounds can Bible believers argue that transgender people shouldn’t get to choose which bathroom to use? Only through creationism can Christian values prevail…” – Derek Brouwer, Missoula Independent.

The lack of media reporting on the Christian Worldview is part of the greater attack on anything to the right of legalized abortion. A Harvard study just out in May found 80 percent of the media coverage in the first 100 days of the Trump presidency to have been hostile to the President. That’s down from 89 percent negative coverage in April in a Media Research Study. That along with an April USA Today poll showing 100% of Trump voters approve of his job performance illustrates how disconnected the media is from the conservative movement.

It should be noted, the first and only time the Missoulian printed anything on the Missoula Creation Conference was in March 2015 in a column by Jon Meek, Lead Pastor of Lion’s Den Ministries in Missoula. Thankfully, Meek presented the argument well for Creation science, stating in his Op-Ed, “We all look at the world through a pair of glasses (our personal preconceptions) which affect how we interpret the world around us and how we make decisions about what to believe, who to follow, where to put our faith, or how to develop our opinions in life. Our worldviews can be naturalistic, humanistic, biblical, or a combination. Our starting point can greatly influence our ongoing interpretations of evidence.”

“They have a blind faith…When we lookup the definition of faith we find ‘a system of belief held to with ardor and faith.’ They have a position of faith, they believe that natural processes formed the universe. they cant go out there and prove that that is so, but that is what they believe. its a blind faith belief. because it flies in the face of what we study in biochemistry when we look at DNA.” – Ken Ham, 2017 Lake Missoula Creation Conference

When Governor Bullock vetoed SB-97, a bill that would have made foreign law illegal in the state court system, some saw that as an endorsement of Sharia – a green light for its implementation in Montana. Bullock called the ban an “endorsement for anti-Muslim sentiments and activity” in a Missoulian article. Ed Kugler of Big Arm, in an Opinion to MeanwhileInMontana said, “In spite of the overwhelming support in the Legislature and from citizens across Montana, our governor chooses foreign law over Montana law.” Adding, “Governor, I’m not sure what you stand for, but I and 90 percent of Montanans stand for the constitutions of Montana and the United States of America. That would be the Constitution you swore to uphold when you took the oath of office as our highest elected official. As a citizen of this great state, might I remind you of your oath to ‘support, protect and defend the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the state of Montana).'”

We, as Bible believing Christians in Montana, face an increasingly hostile political and social environment. One where our values are taunted and devalued. Is it time to drain the Missoula and Helena swamps?

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