Intrafaith Lutheran Transexual Dr. Rev. Universalist Invited To Missoula for TRANS Week

March 20, 2017
By MCN Staff

Interfaith dialogues and activities are happening all around, which is laudable. What is largely missing, however, is conversation among Christians about what to do with the proverbial elephant in the Christian living room – Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation.

~ The Intrafaith Conversation, By Susan Stroue & Megan Rohrer

Megan Rohrer’s visit to Missoula comes at a time when Interfaith or “intra-faith” seems to be making huge progress in dismantling the fundamentals of Christianity and disgracing Jesus. It’s a heresy that needs to be called out for what it is – a dangerous subversion of Christianity being orchestrated to make the Anti-Christ’s ‘One World Religion’ palatable. These are serious claims, but not without merit.

Christianity does not have a catchy term to describe its hybrids (Chrisbu or Bu-Chris is just not as mellifluous as Jubu!). But there are those who are multiple belongers. For example, Father Gregory Mayers, coordinator of the East-West Meditation program at Mercy Center retreat center in Burlingame, CA, is both a Redemptorist priest and Associate Roshi of the Sanbô-Kyôdan Religious Foundation in Kamakura, Japan. Catholic theologian Paul Knitter, author of Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian, considers himself to be an adherent of both Christianity and Buddhism.

Many years ago a member of my congregation told me that she had become a Muslim. When I asked her how she reconciled that with being a Christian, she said that she saw no problems with it. At the time, I could not understand that. Now I see that she was merely ahead of her time. In 2007, an Episcopal priest named Ann Redding Holmes declared herself to be a Muslim after a profound experience of Muslim prayer. However, she did not abandon her Christian identity, saying that her acceptance of Islam was “not an automatic abandonment of Christianity. For many, it is. But it doesn’t have to be.”

In response to those who said that the two traditions are mutually exclusive, she said, “I just don’t agree.” The Episcopal Church did not agree with her and she was defrocked in 2009. In interviews, Redding has argued that her views about Jesus “fit well in the range of Christianity.”

~ The Intrafaith Conversation, By Susan Stroue & Megan Rohrer

For many of our clergy and church members, learning how to relate to those who claim multiple belonging may seem to be a very steep learning curve. And to be honest, it is. It involves looking carefully at our assumptions about what it means to be a Christian, to listen to the stories of those who have different assumptions, and to participate in a religious quest that is ongoing and evolving. For example, a member of my congregation admitted that she considered herself to be a Christian- Pagan. When I shared her story with a friend who is a Wiccan elder, he laughed and told me that Wicca is actually losing some of its appeal among disenfranchised Christians. Once, he said, Wicca was attractive to those looking for an earth-based, environment-friendly belief system and practice. But as Christianity has been slowly leaving behind its earth/spirit dualism and rediscovering its “roots” in theologians such as St. Francis of Assisi and Hildegard of Bingen, it is retaining some of those who in the past would have become Pagan. It is clearly a new day for Christianity!

~The Intrafaith Conversation, By Susan Stroue & Megan Rohrer

Emmaus Campus Ministry will be welcoming Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in San Francisco to Missoula to speak on behalf of the Interfaith heresy during Trans Day of Visibility. There are just so many things wrong with this that it boggles the mind of a believer.

Ms. (Mr.?) Rohrer was scheduled to speak in Missoula at the University Congregational Church on March 30th at 12pm.

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