Franklin Graham’s message of Pray-Vote-Engage

By Debra Brown

With the past tumultuous election that this country has gone through, many people are wondering what is going to happen next. Evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, took on a challenge from God in 2016 to travel across America encouraging Christians to Pray-Vote-Engage along with the timeless message of salvation through Jesus.

Graham traveled to the state capitals of all 50 states where thousands of Christians and non-Christians gathered to pray for our country and the upcoming November election. His Decision America Tour (DAT) Rally was held in Helena, Montana, on August 9, 2016.

Over 3,000 people gathered on the Montana Capital grounds, a record number for any previous events held there. Longtime friend and travel companion of Graham, Dennis Agajanian, sang praises to our God. Graham’s first order of duty was to present the salvation message for those who had never received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Over 300 people responded to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior via texting a message to a special number provided by Graham.

Graham went on to talk to people about the things in this country that were not pleasing in God’s sight and he challenged Christians to commit to Pray-Vote-Engage in the political realm. He did not endorse any candidate or political party. He emphasized the fact that God was the only answer for what was wrong in America. More information and pictures of the DAT gathering in Helena can be found at

Now, how are Christians, the churches and pastors supposed to follow through with that commitment? There are many 501(c)(3) organizations that speak out against these things every day and they are not afraid of losing their tax status because they depend on God’s provision and not man’s. Now for those of you who say “Well the money comes from man” it does, but hopefully at the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.

Anyone who has been watching Franklin Graham since the election can see his commitment to Pray-Vote-Engage. He has stepped up to boldly represent God in the political realm. Do you fear God? Or, do you fear losing your 501(c)(3) status? It is obvious to those following Graham that he fears God more than he does government repercussions. He is following the leading of the Holy Spirit and is distributing a little booklet produced by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and written by Bill Bright entitled Your 5 Duties As A Christian Citizen. Those duties include: Pray, Register to Vote, Become Informed, Help Elect Godly People, and Vote. Over 900 people at the gathering committed to doing these five things by texting a number provided by Graham.

Volunteers across the country are continuing the work began by the Decision America Tour by spreading “My Hope” by contacting those who responded and churches that participated in the DAT. If you would like be involved in the continuing project of the BGEA, contact the Montana BGEA Coordinator, Steve Bostrom, 406.461.8529. Graham is planning to visit 15 additional states in 2017 and Montana has been chosen as one of the 15. There are many opportunities to help spread hope across Montana. To sign up to be a My Hope BGEA volunteer visit

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