Lake Missoula Creation Conference Coming to Missoula

By Mike Mueller, Conference Director

Why is a Creation Conference Important? Why does it Matter?

The debate is ongoing: did the world evolve or was it created? If it was created, did it take billions of years or was it made by God in six 24-hour days? Was there a global flood? How does the newest scientific evidence match up with biblical accounts? Where does Darwin fit into the picture? Who is telling the truth? A “Science and the Bible” conference will address these questions and more. Regardless of your opinions on the subject, this conference should be interesting and challenging to your thinking.

We all look at the world through a pair of glasses (our personal preconceptions) which affect how we interpret the world around us and how we make decisions about what to believe, who to follow, where to put our faith, or how to develop our opinions in life. Our worldviews can be naturalistic, humanistic, biblical, or a combination. Our starting point can greatly influence our ongoing interpretations of evidence. Many Americans used to have as their foundation a biblical worldview, but that has changed to a more naturalistic or humanistic approach to life. Many now believe current and troubling social issues are symptoms of this foundational change. Recent observational science and discovery seems to support a creator and point us back to the authority of the Holy Bible. The Bible has had more impact around the world than any other book ever written. The Bible contains an ancient account of historical science.

Today through advances in technology, science, computers, microscopes, telescopes, geology, astronomy, medicine, and in general because of the overwhelming increase of available information and knowledge, biblical answers seem reasonable for many of the most common questions about our origins. Have these questions already been answered? Is the science of origins as taught in the schools factual? Has science disproven the Bible? A number of scientists are finding reasons to answer, “No.” New scientific evidence can shed light on the age of the earth and universe, creation, and dinosaurs. This new evidence does not have widespread coverage, so the purpose of this conference is to make it available for consideration. Some evidence seems to indicate a younger earth than has previously been taught, and it is very compelling. New evidence seems to support the creation week as written in Genesis 1 and Exodus 20:11.

Abundant evidence exists to support the reality of a world-wide catastrophic flood as described in Genesis 6-8. Geology and geologists give a very compelling case and evidence to support it happened as the Bible said it did. One of the most compelling evidences is that if a worldwide flood occurred thousands of years ago, billions of plants and animals should be found buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth, and that has been found: billions of dead things buried in rock layers in the fossil record all over the earth. Why fossils are found on the top of mountains can be explained by Noah’s flood. How all the animals could fit on the ark can be explained by science and reason. Why the flood was not merely a local flood is easily explained. Why the flood occurred is not a pretty story, but it is reflective of coming salvation. Why are there Flood Legends all over the world within different people groups and cultures?

Consider the water and shore lines on the hillsides around the Missoula valley. Those shorelines were made by Lake Missoula, and there is now a biblical explanation for that event. There is evidence and a theory that explains that the Global Flood caused the Ice Age. It was the Ice Age and flooding that could have caused Lake Missoula and the great Missoula Flood that stretched across Montana, Washington, and Oregon. This massive flood was proposed by a scientist back in the 1920’s but rejected because it sounded too biblical, but now satellite images support his theory. The evidence and science establish an intriguing and compelling case that needs to be presented.

Were Adam and Eve real? The human genome project and genetic studies today have shown humans are all one race and one blood. The biblical, genealogical record suggests that the earth is approximately 6,200 years old. The upcoming conference will explain why new scientific evidence also supports the concept of a young earth.

The complexity and design of nature and the world supports the existence of a creator. Science points toward an intelligent designer. Study and observe the design in a spider’s web or bird nest, look at the information in DNA or RNA, or watch a human life develop from an embryo, the transfer of information from one cell to another when they divide, or a seedling grow into a fir tree, or the complexity of any life system on the planet, and it reveals intelligent design.

Learn more on these topics by attending the Lake Missoula Creation Conference at the UM University Center Ballroom 3rd Floor April 6-8, 2017. See details at

Michael Oard, MS, will speak on how the Bible can explain the Ice Age, and what the Lake Missoula Flood can teach us. Dr. Terry Mortenson, AIG, will talk on washing away millions of years, big bang, and myths about ape men.   Ken Ham, CEO of AIG, will speak on why build a life sized ark, how science confirms the bible, dinosaurs and genesis, relevance of the book of genesis, explain about races from a biblical perspective, and join Buddy Davis for a family concert.  Dr. Andrew Snelling will speak on fossils buried by the global flood not millions of years and other topics.   Kids and families can enjoy family concerts and hands on activities with Buddy Davis on dinosaurs. These speakers are Christians and many of them are scientists who have published their work in scientific journals. These speakers will also be giving presentations at area churches Sunday April 9th.


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